Shadow Economy Report


This was the second edition of Visa Europe’s Shadow Economy report that included specific data and analysis of the situation in Spain. In the midst of the economic crisis there was a lot of financial information on a daily basis and it was necessary to generate interest among journalists so as to be able to disseminate the main findings from the report.


We carried out a training session for the client’s spokesperson and approached a selection of tier 1 national and financial media so that they could have the information under embargo with time in advance to prepare their pieces or interview our Visa’s executive


Over 340 pieces of information were generated in all kinds of media, with presence in all national TV networks and radio stations as well as in the majority of national and financial dailies, with a total estimated audience of almost 59 million people. Up to 19 media attendees followed the presentation of the report. 99% of coverage was either positive or neutral, and 90% of it included one or more of the key messages established. Total equivalent advertising value generated exceeded €1.4 million.

  • Category : clients
  • Date : 20 November, 2019