Blog in Expansión


The founders of Madpixel, a leading company in the development of online innovative solutions, were travelling to San Francisco in order to expand contacts, investigate business opportunities and close some partnership agreements with other companies in the US. The agency studied the possibility of taking advantage of the trip in order to generte awareness and media coverage for the company.


FJ Communications developed several ideas until it found the one that best suited the activity. The final decision was to create a blog narrating their experience which was published in Expansion’s website (Nº 1 Financial paper in Spain). The blog was titled“A Spanish entrepreneur in Silicon Valley”. In order to create contents for the blog FJ Communications created a list of potential subjects that might be of interest for readers. The blog was updated on a daily basis before and during the trip with comments from the founders regarding their meetings, excursions and business tips that could be of use for other entrepreneurs.


The blog achieved very good figures in terms of number of visits, positive feedback and comments both from readers and from journalists and other entrepreneurs. Madpixel enhanced its image as a state of the art internet technology developer and became better known among potential clients.

  • Category : communication
  • Date : 1 October, 2018