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Habbo Hotel is a huge social network, owned by Sulake and targeted at youngsters. It consists of several chat rooms that resemble a hotel, populated by millions of users all over the world. However, the brand had to build contacts with their key target audiences in Spain, and from there, construct a network of contacts that would give rise to strategic alliances.


With this aim, FJ Communications carried out a series of opinion surveys amongst the users, focusing on the use of mobile phones, television, and further mediums of communication. Thanks to the conclusions of these surveys, FJ was able to send out well-recieved press releases. In tandem with the surveys, we also organized press events to establish direct contact with possible stakeholders.


The press coverage and events resulted in high media exposure and establishment of promising alliances for Habbo Sulake including UNICEF and Juvenalia.

  • Category : communication / Organization of events
  • Date : 14 February, 2019