Press Office


Google is an enormous multinational company at the forefront of both the Internet and the latest tecnologies. Its constant evolution generates large amounts of information and continually awakens the interest of media. Because of its leading position in the market, Google is often the subject of debate and criticism, which results in the need for constant attention.


Since 2007, FJ Communications has been developing a variety of strategies for Google’s press office. We organize events, manage Google’s relationship with the media, arrange interviews, prepare press releases and materials, make announcements about the company’s new services, and facilitate projects in Spain in order to manage the company’s reputation.


Our work is in close collaboration with Google’s communications department and is reflected daily in proactive and reactive coverage featured in leading media sources around the world. This includes interviews with company executives and related events held throughout all of Spain.

  • Category : clients
  • Date : 24 June, 2020