Brand Positioning


Increase in Mexico the number of content specialized publications that position the E.Life brand and their executives as leaders in the market. Currently, digital marketing and social media topics are overused by the media, however, there is just a few number of media who have useful and valid information (that is, information that explains the benefits these systems could offer to companies). Therefore, it is necessary to increase the interest of journalists for specialized stories to differentiate them from the others.


A communications strategy was developed based on the communications and marketing needs of the client in the country with the idea of being more productive with the content created. We identified the target media with a plan to approach and collaborate with the most important media by creating relevant content for the stakeholders. In addition, the agency was actively involved in corporate events, broadcasting the content to the media and extending the invitation to news agencies.


Increase in the number of Mexican publications that covered stories around E-Life, an average of 20 articles per month. Some of these publications were very specialized, which helped us in achieving the objective of positioning E.Life executives as leaders of the industry. There was also an increase in media attendance and participation at E-Life organized events which was useful to get in touch with magazine editors and influential journalists: i.e. Forbes, Mundo Ejecutivo and Publimetro.

  • Category : communication
  • Date : 14 February, 2019