Seminars and commercial meetings


Al-Invest is an economic co-operation programme of the European Commission that aims to support the internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America, in collaboration with their European partners, in order to contribute to reinforcing social cohesion in the region. In summer 2010, they decided to invite a small group of Latin American SMEs to familiarize themselves with the supply and demand of European subsectors that were going to participate in INTERGIFT, a jewelry and gift fair. Our goal was to prepare and set up a series of marketing and communication services for the Latin American SMEs that were going to be present at this fair.


After making a detailed analysis of the economic situation of the sector and a study of the priorities of the major participants in the fair, FJ Communications developed a communication strategy combining collective and individual actions. We relied on first-hand information obtained through our network of contacts in institutions and chambers of commerce, both in Spain and in Latin America. In addition to these actions, we organized the Latin American SMEs’ individual meetings with their European counterparts, guided subsector visits including one-on-one interviews with experts, and put together three technical seminars.


Over 1,000 companies attended the jewelry/gift fair. Out of this vast number, the twelve Latin American companies were introduced through over thirty guided encounters, and they attended individually scheduled b2b appointments in addition to general fair visits. According to the participants’ own opinion, these visits successfully achieved their main goal of helping Latin American SMEs understand the different aspects of supply and demand in this sector, as well as establish business relationships with European companies.

  • Category : communication / lobbying / Organization of events
  • Date : 14 February, 2019